FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

Please contact the Box of Frogs via email (info@bofband.com) for further information; we will supply a competitive quotation and confirm availability and payment terms.  Our quotation will include the supply of a professional sound system, lighting, travel, any additional services (such as background music between band sessions) and the length of time the band are required to be on site.  We will also provide written confirmation of the arrangements.

Where are you based and how far are you prepared to travel?

The Box of Frogs is based in Cranbrook, Kent and generally play venues within a 30 mile radius.  The band are prepared to travel further afield, subject to additional cost to cover transport and overnight accommodation.


Please click the map to find out the area we cover.

How long do you take to set-up and how much space do you require?

Typically the stage or performance area should be approximately 5m wide by 3m deep to accommodate the instruments, PA system and lighting rig.  It may be possible to set-up in smaller spaces if required - please contact us for further advice, we would be happy to meet with you to look at any potential venue.


The band requires easy access to the venue from vehicles and sufficient time and space to set up - ideally 60 mins.  An additional 15-30mins will be required to carry out a sound check.  Preferably the sound check needs to be carried out before your guests arrive.  We can however work around you and your guests and arrangements can be made for the band to set-up earlier in the day.

How long do you play for and what other services can you provide?

A normal booking would allow for the band to play for a max of two 1.5 hour slots, with a break.  Please note any performance that goes beyond midnight normally attracts an additional charge.  If an event is due to end at midnight please don't expect us to start at 7.30!  Times and durations can be negotiated against these guide lines however our aim is to have your guests dancing and wanting a little more so we do advise to have us come on a little later in the evening.


The band can also provide a compilation of rock / pop songs between sets via an iPod / MP3 player connected to the PA system or arrangements can be made to connect your laptop or CD player.  A microphone can be made available for speeches etc if required.

Can I see you play before booking?

Yes, the Box of Frogs also play gigs at music venues which are open to the general public - please see our Gig Guide for further information. Our public performances offer you a great opportunity to see the band perform live and meet with us to discuss your requirements in greater detail.

In terms of the venue, what should I consider when looking to book a live band?

The band requires a minimum of two 13 amp single power sockets accessible from the stage / performance area.  Best sound results are achieved in venues where the function room is carpeted or where there are soft furnishings (such as curtains) which help break up large reflective surfaces.


Is your venue fitted with a sound limiter?  In our experience sound limiters are not "live" band friendly as they are designed primarily to control DJ style music.  Although the overall volume levels are similar to a disco, a live band has a much greater dynamic range.  Failure by the venue to turn off the limiter will result in the show being interrupted - please ask for it to be turned off as we cannot be held responsible for your event being spoilt.  It may be possible for the band to use an alternative electricity supply not linked to the sound limiter.


Whilst we make no requests for access to refreshments or a buffet, the offer is always most welcome and makes for a happy band!

Can you perform in a Marquee?

Yes, the marquee must be fully covered, water tight and safely accessible with a stage / performance area.  If an electrical supply isn't available it may be necessary to hire a generator provided by a professional hire company. For outdoors or outbuildings safety and trips devices must be provided.


The marquee must be easily accessible to load and unload equipment. We are not able to access over muddy fields or up/down grassy embankments.  Should the marquee be deemed as unsafe due to inclement weather resulting in leaks, low temperatures and power cut outs, we reserve the right to cease performance at any time for our personal safety, that of our equipment and ultimately the safety of all your guests.


If the anticpated audience or venue is particularly large a more powerful PA system maybe needed.  We can quote for the hiring of additional amplifiers and speakers or can recommend a PA company.

Do you use "backing tracks"?

No, the Box of Frogs are a five piece live act. Whilst we do use guitar synthesizers and pedal boards, no backing tracks or samples are used during the bands performance.

Who designed the "Frogs"?

Our thanks go to Lily Tillinghast for making and modelling the Frogs for our original logo. They are brillant and so life like!

We'd also like to thank Kate Stretton for helping us design our new logo.

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